An Alternative Lender That Has You, The Mortgage Broker, In Mind


Our Approach

Shelter Lending uses a solution based lending approach for borrowers with unique and challenging situations. Our common sense lending guidelines make us one of Western Canada’s premiere private and alternative lenders.


Our Goal

With over 80 years of combined experience, we’re committed to building a progressive, efficient company routed in sound common sense lending practices.

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My partners and I pride ourselves on building a company that makes it easy for brokers to help their borrowers get the keys to their new home.

- Dave McKitrick -
President & CEO

About The Team

Our expertise in lending, underwriting and loan management positions Shelter Lending for unparalleled success in Western Canada’s private lending market.

Lending & Supporting A Good Cause

When you fund a mortgage through Shelter Lending, you can feel good helping your clients and Opportunity International.  Shelter Lending is committed to giving a portion of its profits to help Opportunity International.

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